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Fentanyl Found Near Nap Mats at Day Deva Where Uzunluk Died, Police Say

Fentanyl was found near mats that children used for napping at a Bronx day care where one toddler died and three other children were hospitalized last week, the police said on Monday night.

“It was laid underneath a mat where the children had been sleeping earlier,” Joseph Kenny, the Police Department’s chief of detectives, said at a news conference Monday evening. Officials had previously said that in a search of the center, officers found a kilogram of the synthetic opioid, a painkiller that can be deadly even in minute quantities.

Chief Kenny said that investigators were working with federal authorities to discover whether the day care, Divino Niño on Morris Avenue, was opened as a front for a drug operation.

Emergency medical workers were called on Friday afternoon to the day care center, where they administered the overdose-reversal medication Narcan and then rushed the children to hospitals. Medical tests showed fentanyl in the three children sickened but not killed.

The child who died, Nicholas Dominici, would have turned 2 in November.

The authorities previously said they found the kilo in a hallway closet, along with a pair of presses, devices commonly used by dealers when packaging large quantities of drugs.

They found another press in the bedroom of a tenant, Carlisto Acevedo Brito, 41, who was renting the room from the center’s owner, Grei Mendez, 36.

Mr. Brito and Ms. Mendez have been charged with murder for showing “depraved indifference” in the death of Nicholas.

The other toddlers — a 2-year-old boy, an 8-month-old girl and another 2-year-old-boy who had left the center shortly after noon and whose mother had noticed he was ill — were hospitalized.

Ed Shanahan contributed reporting.

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